Best of Alaska – 2017

Alaska – America’s Last Frontier


Alaska – Day 1

Eric, my son-in-law and I drove up Turnagain arm and had many opportunities for photos. Here are some of the best.

Alaska Day 2

Today, we drove to Stuckagain Heights. Alaska has very descriptive names for its communities. We heard there was a black bear sow with 2 cubs in the area. We were unable to find her, but we did find this young bull moose browsing brush by the roadside. He was very photogenic and did not mind posing for us. The area also offered a magnificent view of Flat Top in the Chugach Range.


In the evening, Eric and I went to Flat Top in the Chugach Range. It overlooks the Anchorage Bowl and offers some spectacular views of the Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm. The weather and clouds made for some great photos.


Alaska – Day 3

Today we left Anchorage, travelling the Glenn and Richardson Highways to Valdez. This is a roadtrip which I am sure rivals the Pacific Coast Highway. Along the way we drove through the Alaska Range, passing the Matanuska and Worthington glaciers, and rivers. We traversed mountain passes, finally going through the Keystone Canyon and arriving at Valdez. It was a very picturesque drive. Please enjoy the photos.


Alaska – Day 5

On our 5th day, we went on a scenic cruise to the Columbia Glacier. We were unable to get closer than 12 miles from the glacier, however because of a dense and rapidly moving ice field. We did see an abundance of sea life including: sea otters and pups, stellar sea lions, puffins, hump back whales, and eagles. Please enjoy sharing in the pictures.


Alaska Day 7

On day 7, we returned to Anchorage from Valdez. Along the way, we stopped to see the Matanuska Glacier. It was an adventure. After driving down a treacherous dirt road along a cliff-side, we found ourselves about a mile and a half from the terminus of the glacier. Eric and I left the ladies at the car, and we hiked through the terminal moraine of the glacier to get to the actual ice. You will notice the brown silt, and small glacial ponds in the photograph. The glacier actually extends more than 100 feet below the moraine. After a difficult hike, we were finally able to stand on the glacial ice.


Around Anchorage

Several shots from around Anchorage, including the Coastal Trail. I spotted a sandhill crane along the trail, but he was off in the distance. The last photo is one of  a mama moose and here calf (to the left and behind the back fence.) While looking through the viewfinder, I didn’t notice that mama’s ears were down and here hackles were up – a sure warning sign. Seconds later, she charged me. I do not want to repeat this experience.


Day Trip to Seward

We took a day trip to Seward, only two hours away. Here are a few pictures.


Kincaid Bull Moose

We went to Kincaid Park today, and came upon this young bull moose. He enjoyed posing for the camera.



We had the opportunity to meet two of our Facebook schnauzer friends, Renee and Roman. Roman had much fun playing in the park.


Eagle River

Today we hiked a trail in Eagle River and cam upon a black bear enjoying a snack of cotton wood buds. He was about 15 feet up a tree.